Personal Injury Cases

Simon & O’Rourke is a will handle your personal injury case. We have over 27 years of experience fighting for personal injury victims. We will put our experience in handling personal injury cases to work for you and your loved ones.

You were hurt due to the negligence of someone else. Now What do you Do?

If you suffered a personal injury, you are not only in physical pain, you are stressed and concerned.

We at Simon & O’Rourke have represented 100’s of people who have suffered personal injuries as a result of auto accidents, refinery accidents, offshore accidents, and a variety of other types of accidents. Our more than 25 years of experience of representing personal injury clients helps us know what you are going through.

We will help you through this difficult time.

The accident wasn’t your fault, so why should you be stuck with all the hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, insurance claims, and more?

When you are dealing with an injury, your medical bills can become complicated. You may need emergency care, surgery, rehabilitation, and therapy. Costs can stack up and the hospital bills aren’t always paid in full by insurance carriers. That’s where Simon & O’Rourke can step in to help you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve.

Mediation in a Personal Injury Case:

Most courts require mediation, which is a good-faith effort to meet face-to-face to resolve the case. We will assist with Mediation. If the case is not settled by mediation, we will take it to trial.

Not only will Simon & O’Rourke assist throughout each step of the process, we will take the time to explain each step to you so that you will know what is going on with your case.