Offshore Drilling Cases

Offshore Drilling Cases

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If you work offshore on a Semi-Submersible, Jack-up, Drill Ship, Drill Barge, or on a support vessel such as a Workboat or Crewboat, you are likely a Jones Act Seaman or maritime worker that has special legal rights and protections under the Jones Act and General Maritime Law.

Simon & O’Rourke knows the Jones Act and General Maritime Law and has extensive experience handle Offshore Drilling cases.

Offshore WorkerWorking an offshore drilling job is physically demanding and dangerous. Drilling offshore, regardless of whether you are working within one mile or hundreds of miles away from the nearest landmass, creates many additional challenges and risks that make the job even more demanding and dangerous. With so many risks involved with on an offshore drilling job, safety, not production or finishing up a well, should be the top priority.

As a Jones Act Seaman or Maritime worker, your employer, the rig owner, the tool pusher and the company man owe you special duties and obligations to provide you a safe workplace, a seaworthy vessel, properly maintained equipment, good supervision, good training, and sufficient crew.

When your employer or the vessel owner fail to meet their safety obligations under the Jones Act or General Maritime Law, serious accidents can, and do occur.

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Proven Skill and Knowledge Relevant to Your Maritime Injury Case

  • We are familiar with the many different jobs and types of vessels in the Offshore Drilling industry.
  • We have extensive knowledge about the safety rules and laws involved with Offshore Drilling Operations.
  • We know common safety violations that occur when working offshore.
  • We know the short cuts that companies take.
  • We know the pressures that are put on those working offshore.
  • We know the proper Maritime safety procedures and the improper procedures workers have been told to do.
Do Not Be Blamed

Are you being told that you violated a safety procedure?

Were you told (or pressured) to “cooperate” with the company or else you would be fired for violating safety procedures?

Were you given written safety policies but told and trained to do things differently?

If so, you are not alone. We have represented many clients that have been told that they “violated” safety procedures. We have represented workers who were either not properly trained, told to violate a safety procedure by a supervisor, pressured to get the job done in disregard of safety.

We fought for those clients and we will fight for you.

These are all factors that a safe employer or industrial facility owner should be aware of and can address to prevent accidents.

Offshore Drilling Cases
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We know that hiring a lawyer and pursing a claim are very big decisions that will impact your life and your family’s future.

We will discuss your case and use our 27+ years of combined experience handling Offshore Drilling Cases to give you the best answers that we.

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